Friday, July 29, 2011

Tech News Roundup

More Nintendo News, Cyber Crime News, and Also... News on the Fiscal Failure of America.

In the Nintendo Spectrum...

The well known Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, has taken a whopping 50% pay cut over the failure of the 3DS, because Nintendo is hitting it hard.

What exactly does this mean for Nintendo?  Well for one, he's not the only one taking a pay cut.  Representative directors are taking 30% pay cuts, and other execs are taking 20% cuts.

I'm convinced Nintendo can turn themselves around, but it's definitely going to be some time.  This famous game business is falling fast, unfortunately, and have lost the ability to keep up with new technologies.

For more about this information, check out this link to hear more about what Iwata has said, as well as how much money Nintendo has been losing from the 3DS fail.

On to Cyber Crime News...

It's actually fairly old news, having surfaced over a month ago, but the investigations are still underway, and it shows the type of world that exists underneath the surface on the internet.  Since I am studying cyber crime, it's cases like this that encourage me to pursue this field in order to take down the criminals like these.

The Lincolnshire pedophile ring.  Four "average" guys building and hosting a web server that held over 5 million images of porn. It spanned 45 countries and some of the images were so awful that the investigators had to seek regular counseling and therapy for the things that they were seeing.

Quoted from this article,

""When we searched Ian Frost's home in 2006, we found a huge server sat in the lounge and soon realised it wasn't a routine investigation and contacted Ceops (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)," he said.

"We started to look at what was on the server and realised we were dealing with the commercial distribution of indecent images of children around the globe.
"Officers looked at five million images and read through one-and-a-half million emails.
"We found out they had been running a news service for seven years and had been using it to distribute indecent images to 45 countries, earning themselves about £2m," said Det Supt Gibson."
This is not the average case by any means, but it happens, and criminals like this need to be stopped.  Hopefully everyone involved will have to face the justice they deserve.
Finally, the fiscal failure of America...
My god. My country is a failure. APPLE has more cash than the USA itself.  Check it out HERE.  I'm embarassed.  It's not a huge gap (okay, when counting in billions of dollars of course) but perhaps, just maybe, Obama needs to start paying attention to the capital giants he "hates" so much, stop taxing the crap out of them, and instead start running a country where money doesn't grow on trees.
I don't like Steve Jobs very much, but at the rate America is going, he might as well buy the country.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Poor Nintendo...

Oh Nintendo, I've stood by you for so long, and I may just choose to very soon.

You're 3DS is doing exactly what everyone predicted: failing.  Not good enough technology, horrible game titles and game play, and competing in a market where this just isn't what people are looking for.

I'm personally still a fan of this system, using it on a regular basis...

First, let's start with This Article. Nintendo is predicting profits that are 82% lower than last year.  Considering their new release of technology, this is pretty depressing.  Not to mention they just announced the Wii U at E3, which seems to have hurt them worse than helped them.  While this is sad news for Nintendo... it may be good news for potential customers that have been holding out.

It has been announced that starting in August (so in only a few days) the 3DS will be reduced in price to $170, a whopping $80 slashed off the price.  That price even makes me consider it.  Consider, but not actually get.

I'm a huge fan of the DS, and surprisingly, this system is still kicking.  The sales are still existent and games are still being produced for the system.  Maybe, Nintendo, you should just work with what you already have for a little while.  The Vita is going to kick your tokas out the door anyway.

This is the part that really gets me, though, right here. The iOS is beating the poop out of Nintendo in general, and this could be a very sad day for us Nintendo fans.  I can't stand Apple, as many of you already realize, but come on. Should this even be a legitimate comparison? An operating system against a game system?  You tell me.  I think it's just shameful.

Oh. One more thing.  Invest in Nintendo while they are down.  I'm considering it.  I have faith that the company will come back once again!