Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, no More...

Breaking news...


After YouTube's little slip last week of attempting to charge people for watching Rebecca Black's "Friday," Ark Music, the producers of the infamous video, pulled the video and are taking actions against YouTube as they feel that they were being exploited.  Come on.

While this sort of seems like a blessing since her song was SO annoying, it also brings about the sadness that there is no longer an office joke for Fridays.  Rebecca Black, our favorite partying 13 year old with the creepy old man singing about switching lanes.

Don't believe me?

Look for yourself.

Heard this report from Hypable...

So, in honor of the memory of Rebecca Black...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Technology Recycling!!!

Through I am entering for a scholarship, which has led to an important discussion: The process of recycling technology items, and the reasons why you should not just throw these items into a dumpster.

Many items, such as old CRT monitors and televisions, contain harmful, toxic materials that cannot go into the normal landfills.  However, most people do not understand the harm that this can do to the environment.  Cities and townships often have "e-cycling drives" that for approximately $1-$5 per item, while other times organizations such as Boys and Girls Club will collect the items for free as a fundraiser, working with recycling companies who will pay them for the items they collect.

So please, take care of your environment! E-Cycle!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E3 Review #1: The impending doom of the Wii U

The Wii U... has Nintendo done it again? And by done it again, I mean, have they created the next "Virtual Boy" level failure?  As you may have heard, the 3DS sales are minimal, and while there is much satisfaction by those who own one, many people don't feel like investing in it.

The Wii U isn't proving to be much better.

After it's announcement at E3, the Nintendo stocks fell significantly, confusing the creators and business men of Nintendo.  Why are people so wary of this system?  Perhaps it is because once again Nintendo is failing on computing power, with analysts seeing the Wii U as only 50% more powerful than the PS3.  Perhaps it is the fact that the controller is the size of a tablet PC and incorporates way too many things, EXCEPT a true analog stick.  Once again, Nintendo is trying to outdo everyone by including too much, and it's going to burn them this time around.

What is that? A handheld system?  NO, it's just the controller silly, the rest is going to be on your TV.
Is this something I'm planning on investing in?  Hell no, but I may invest in Nintendo while their stocks are down, because maybe I can actually get some value out of this piece of crap.  Read the linked article at the top to learn more about the failures of Nintendo this time around.

Now, to be fair, I must be nice to Nintendo.  I've loved them since the beginning.  I rebuild the original NES's as a side job.  Nintendo has done some pretty revolutionary things, and the 3DS and even the original DS were some of them.  The Wii is still top in motion technology, even against the Kinect or Move.  But sometimes Nintendo tries to outdo themselves and they begin to go to far.  The Wii U seems to be the "too far" moment.  But who knows?  Maybe I will own one sooner than I think...

Next time... the Playstation Vita!

Nintendo Wii U? Is it a fail??

Boy has it been a while since I posted in this blog! Well hopefully I can start keeping it up to date again.  Just a note for something to look forward to in the next few days (and posts) is an overview of the information released at this year's E3 convention... especially concerning Nintendo's Wii U and my personal opinions on it.

As for now, a little update... I've been away because my mother, my surrogate father, my mom's best friend, and my friend's dad all passed away during the last school year and I just had a lot of stress under my belt to keep up with both classes and work, much less my two blogs.  I will be starting back up on these things slowly, as well as starting a new blog, name TBA, but it will be about identity/gender struggles, religious debates, sexual identity, and pretty much topics of confusion for many individuals from a completely unique perspective---mine.