Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back from the Dead...

Hello Hello.
I know I promised to keep this blog up to date, and I will be from here on out as I will be back in school soon and have some free time on my hands.  For the past month or so my time has been completely consumed by Calumet County Community Theatre's production of Guys and Dolls.  The show was great, the cast was great, but I am tired, worn out, and miss my computer and technology.

So, topics to look forward to in the near future:
-Tech articles (ex. Google Docs for the Government, Windows computer maintenance ideas, etc)
-The truth behind Facebook security (This one will probably be in a few parts, as I feel very strongly about it)
-TweetDeck review (only just started using this fantastic tool yesterday)
-Previews of Windows Phone 7

Hope you find some of these topics intriguing, because I look forward to writing about them!