Monday, August 22, 2011

Computer Chip Skin?

Yeah, I'm one who fears the "Big Brother" syndrome, but this is kind of cool nonetheless.

Scientists have developed the "EES" or electronic epidermal system, which is a computer chip that attaches under the skin and tracks the movements of the body.  It flexes naturally with the skin and appears almost like a barcode tattoo.  It can bend, twist, expand, and contract, and none of this will affect the integrity of the chip.

Okay, so what's the use?

According to: This Website:

"Our paper demonstrates our ability to monitor ECG (as a monitor of heart disease and metabolism), EMG (as a measure of, among other things, gait during walking) and EEG (as a measure of cognitive state and awareness).
We have also shown that these same devices can stimulate muscle tissue to induce contractions. When combined with sensing/monitoring, such modes of use could be valuable in physical rehabilitation. We also have interest in sleep monitoring (for sleep apnea), and neo-natal care (monitoring premature babies, in particular)."

I encourage you to read that entire article. When used properly, this will be an extensive medical breakthrough.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Power, Why I hate 3D, and the new virus dillema

If you haven't already heard, Google made a $12.5 billion investment to acquire Motorola Mobility, giving the Android OS a true home of its own, instead of apartments for rent.  Google intends for this purchase to increase the availability of the Android OS, increase sales, and be able to meet the demands of customers.  For further information, go here.

Studies have shown that 3D technology is both no better for the enjoyment than 2D and puts a strain on eyes and an increased chance of headaches.  People who watched a 2D movie had the same reactions and emotions from the movie as those who watched its more expensive 3D counterpart, but more importantly is the health risks of 3D technology.  Because the eyes are not adapted to watching something that is virtual 3D, the eye has to continuously readjust to continue causing the affect, putting additional strain on the muscles in the eyes.  Also, this strain can cause headaches in many individuals, especially when watching something 3D for an extended period of time.  For further information, go here.

There's a lovely little trickster of a virus going around right now, and it is commonly known as the "Windows Update Virus."  What this does is presents itself as a legitimate Windows Update, then proceeds to install itself and restart your computer.  The moment your computer restarts, the virus finishes its installation and infect the machine.  It has yet to be shown the extent of damage it can cause, but so far ranges throughout damaging the operating system.  It may also steal information off the PC or create a bot on your network.  The removal is nearly impossible and can cause serious issues within your PC registry.  These are the directions I have found to delete the virus so far.  Tips against this virus are to only install Windows Updates if you choose them yourself, through Windows Update, and do not update anything unless you know where it is coming from.

That's all for now, just a quick roundup!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Myhosting--a home for gamers

Looking for a place to host your LAN parties, or an indie game that you have designed yourself? Do you have a use for a virtual private server? Myhosting has been in business since 1997 and offers several hosting services ranging from Domain names to VPS hosting.

What is a virtual private server?

From myhosting...

VPS functions like a stand-alone server.

When logged in, you can command, execute and customize your server environment as if you had your own dedicated server.

Each VPS includes the following dedicated-like features:
  • File System 
  • Users/Permissions 
  • Processes 
  • Full root access 
  • IP address(es) 
  • Firewall features (including Ports, Tables, Filtering and routing rules) 
  • Use of customized system libraries and configuration files 
Myhosting offers several options for VPS, including Windows and Linux solutions, billing system software, web application platforms, virtualization platforms, and many different levels of VPS to choose from. The VPS offerings start at $15.95/month, which is an exceptionally reasonable rate compared to what you may pay elsewhere.

Need more reasons to choose VPS? From

The perks of virtualization
VPS servers benefit from a number of features that make it equal if not better than running your own dedicated servers. These include:
  • Fast setup 
  • Highly scalable 
  • Root access 
  • Reboot, shutdown and upgrade on demand 
  • Install any application 
  • Change any file 
Guaranteed resources
As you can see on our Custom VPS page, you can allocate and re-allocate VPS resources in real-time and on demand and without the help of a technician. Just point, click, upgrade!
  • CPU 
  • RAM 
  • Disk Space 
  • Bandwidth 
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) onCloud™ provides a powerful interface that allows you to manage an endless number of VPS, shared hosting, Exchange email and other web services in a tightly integrated control suite.

Protected by Enterprise Firewall/Intrusion Prevention appliances
Industry Leading Connectivity
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
FREE 24x7x365 Online Support!

Each VPS can shrink or expand dynamically.

While guaranteed resources will always be met, a VPS will automatically expand to the near full potential of the server if those resources are available.

A VPS is designed to perform with SLAs in mind.

VPS servers are able to provide dedicated resources just like a dedicated server so that your website, application or other processes get absolute priority.

Consider VPS hosting through MYHOSTING.COM!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Google+: A review

Today, I am going to do a quick review of Google+, and mention where I think its strengths and weaknesses are, and where it might be going.  If you aren't familiar, Google+ is the new social media website through Google.  You may have seen the +1 buttons popping up on some of your favorite websites next to the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.

Google+ allows you to "follow" people by adding them to circles.  This is kind of cool in itself.  People do not know what circle you add them to, only that you added them.  You can filter the news feed from the people you are following based upon the circles that you have created.

There are basic circles that come created for you, but you could even make a circle "Raving Lunatics" if you would really like, and as such the people you add to it WOULD NOT KNOW that you classified them as raving lunatics.  I find this humorous and quite honestly very useful.

Google+ is very plain and simple, with a little bit of color, but the basic black and white of Google, keeping everything streamlined and basic.  I love this as well.

When you "+1" something, it is added to a list on your personal page.  It doesn't overwhelm your profile, and any posts you make can either be made public, hidden to just your circles, OR the best part, hidden to only specific circles.  Want to post something horribly raunchy and don't want your grandmother to see it?  Hide it from your "family" circle and post it to just your "friends" instead!  Also, people can be added to multiple circles for this purpose, so that it may be a family member, but one that would find your post funny, you can add them to a list that things will be shared with.

Google+ is also interestingly politically correct, having not two but three gender options, adding in the "other" category.  You also are not required to show your gender in your profile if you do not wish to.  This allows for Trans, Androgynous, etc. identified individuals to express themselves as they feel comfortable.

Another cool feature is the "Hangout."  You can have a webcam conference with your friends via Google+, which is just kind of a neat streamlined feature that also has you use Google+ for several different options.  Google Chat is also incorporated into Google+.

My only real issues with Google+ right now is that I don't have a use for it quite yet.  People are still mainly using Facebook and haven't made the switch yet.  It is also a by invitation only standing yet, although you are allowed to send (at least) 150 invites out to friends to get them onto Google+.

I think one other issue is that it's pretty much just Facebook of old, or even Tumblr combined with Twitter and MySpace, but with more privacy.  It's not exactly something new and innovative, other than that they haven't ruined it like Facebook did.  (For further information, Google Mark Zuckerburg's Sister--- we will talk about this at a later date)

If you get an invite to Google+, you might as well try it out for kicks and giggles.  You will probably at least enjoy it and use it periodically.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Android Malware Issues Arising Fast

Well fellow Android users, another malware has been discovered that is being distributed through apps in the Android Marketplace.  This one is interesting... it activates when you make a phone call, and records your phone conversations.  This is in an attempt to steal bank accounts and private information.

Gotta admit, it's kind of revolutionary... but also extremely invasive.  So, some tips as to how to avoid this malware:

  • Only download apps from trusted sources
  • Do not automatically update your apps: manually update
  • Have an Anti-virus (Lookout is my choice!
It's pretty simple, quite like a computer.  By being cautious and knowing what you are doing on your phone, you can avoid this attack.

For more information, go to this link.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vita and PS3 Will Rival Wii U

The Wii U has already found its competition from Sony.  It's looking more and more grim for Nintendo.

The Playstation Vita, Sony's "PSP 2" per say, will be compatible with new PS3 games as an additional controller, Sony has announced.  While it seems like Sony has stolen this idea from Nintendo, they have also made their merchandise sound more enticing than that of Nintendo's once again.  The Playstation Vita is going to be a high-powered handheld gaming system, and with many people already having a PS3, it won't be that difficult to promote.

Also, unlike the Wii U, the "controller" will be a separate gaming system and have additional purpose, unlike the Wii U and it's touch screen and compatibility, but inability to be used anywhere besides with the console.

For me, I will be more likely to buy the Vita (not a PS3 though) purely because the quality is amazing, the gameplay is awesome, and it is once again innovative, but not to an extreme (hear that Nintendo? Stop trying so hard!)  I feel bad for not backing Nintendo... again... but I'm starting to worry about them.  Is this Nintendo's last stand?